A white shoe cleaner with a ‘dirty look’ gets a refund

The White Shoe Cleaners of New Zealand are offering a refund to its customers after receiving a number of complaints from customers after using the cleaner to remove white socks.

The company says its new cleaning product is cleaner than the one previously used and has been a “great improvement” over the past few years.

The cleaners say their new cleaner has the “same benefits as the standard cleaning product, but with a cleaner and more stylish appearance” which is “designed to bring back a clean and healthy feel to your house”.

Customers who had their white socks cleaned by the white shoe cleaning service received a “clean and professional” white shoe with a clean finish, the company said in a statement on Friday.

The clean shoes came with a “white cleaning agent” which was the “cleanest, most effective and fastest drying product available”, it said.

The cleaning agent was “the ideal product for the home, office and workplace”.

“It is a highly effective, environmentally friendly and effective cleaner that is safe and free of harmful chemicals, which can cause allergies and sensitivities,” the company added.

The products’ website describes the cleaner as “safe and effective” but does not mention whether it has been tested to ensure it is safe.

It also says that the cleaner can be used in homes, businesses and “any other area”.

It does not specify which areas of the home or workplace it was used in.

The company says it is now offering refunds to customers who purchased the cleaning product before June 26, 2020.

It is unclear if customers will receive any compensation for the “dirty look” they have received from the cleaner.

The cleaner was launched in 2018 but was discontinued in 2021 due to the rising levels of foot and mouth disease.

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