How to Clean a Porsche 911 Turbo Car with a Dust Remover

You probably have a Porsche, but don’t take it too seriously.

It’s a supercar.

It has a lot of stuff in it that will get dirty.

What you may not know is that you can also remove that stuff with some of these other tools, too.

The best part is that there are lots of them on sale, and you don’t need to be a professional.

We’re talking dust removal tools here, and we’re talking about everything from a paint remover to a toothbrush.

All you need is a pair of tweezers.1.

Brush a bit of cleaner on the rear of the car.

Use a small amount, like about the same amount as you would a tooth brush.2.

Apply a little bit of a mild cleaner to the steering wheel.

This should be diluted with water to make it easier to use.3.

Apply the same type of cleaner to your front wheel, except this time apply it directly to the wheel well.4.

Spray the rear wheel with a dust-removing brush, like a dust can.

You can spray it all the way down the wheel, but the finer the cleaner, the easier it is to apply.5.

Spray one side of the wheel with the same cleaner you applied to the front wheel.

Spray down the opposite side of it, then spray again on the other side.

If the car has an aftermarket dust removal kit, you can spray the inside of the wheels with that kit as well.6.

Apply your cleaning product to the inside rim of the windshield, using your tweezer.

This will help the cleaner stick to the glass and prevent it from sticking to the plastic on the windshield.7.

Spray a little more cleaner on both the front and rear wheels.

The better the cleaner you spray, the less chances there will be for the dirt to stick to your car.

You’ll probably need to spray both wheels.8.

Spray and wipe off any dirt on the front wheels, but be careful not to touch the glass.9.

Apply some dust to the rear wheels, using a damp cloth.

This is important, because if you apply too much, the cleaner will damage the paint on the wheels.10.

Spray your car with a toothpick.

The damp cloth helps the cleaner get a better grip, so the cleaner sticks to the paint better.

You could also spray with a plastic brush or the side of a tooth pick, but this will make the cleaning process even more frustrating.11.

Apply dust to all four wheels.

Again, you should apply the cleaner to both sides of the rear, but not on the outside.

Use your tweezer to apply it to the other two wheels.12.

Spray some more dust onto the wheels, this time on the center.

It will make it a little easier to get some dust on the tires.13.

Spray more dust on each wheel, this one on each side.

The cleaner sticks better on the inside, so it won’t damage the inside.14.

Spray each wheel with your cleaning tool, but spray evenly.

If you need to apply a little less, you could spray the cleaner down the side with a small plastic brush.

If not, spray on the side.

It should still be able to adhere to the surface, but you don,t want it sticking on the paint.15.

Spray another small amount of dust on one wheel.

You should be able for the cleaner on that wheel to stick in the dirt.

If there are any holes, you may want to clean the inside with the damp cloth or the sides of a plastic toothpick instead.16.

Apply more dust to each wheel.

It doesn’t matter if you spray a little on each one, it should stick well.

If any holes are left, they should be filled with some type of dust, like toothpaste.

If you’re using an after-market kit, apply a dust remover in the wheel wells.

You don’t have to use a wet cloth, but use something that will stick to metal or plastic.17.

Spray with your wet cloth.

It is not necessary to use your tweeser, but if you have a dust removal brush, you’ll need a good grip to get a good, tight seal.18.

Spray in a circle.

This helps the cleaning stick to a surface better.

It also gives the cleaner a little longer to adhere.19.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each wheel and let the dust soak for a few minutes.

This removes most of the dirt from the wheels and allows the cleaner time to dry on a car.20.

Use the same procedure on the car that you used to clean it, except spray a bit more cleaner into the wheelwells.

You will need to do this in order to seal the inside corners of the engine bay.

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