Fuel injector cleaning service to begin at Car Seat Care in Victoria

Fuel injectors are commonly used in car seats, with an average cost of about $5.75 per injector.

But some cleaner shrimp companies are taking on the job, offering free service to customers with a car seat.

In January, Car Seat Cleaning Services started a pilot program in Melbourne’s south-east.

The company is offering free car seat cleaning services in Melbourne and the surrounding area, but they’re only available to people who purchase a new car seat every year.

The company said it would look to expand to other states and territories, but it has yet to say when.

The cleaners are part of a national initiative to clean up the environment.

Cleaning services were also provided by the Cleaner Shrimp Association.

“We’ve had quite a few customers come in from other parts of Australia and we’ve been getting quite a lot of feedback from them,” Mr Dominguez said.

“They’re very happy with the service and really appreciate the value of the cleaning service.”

Cleaner Shrimps said it had a “long-standing partnership with Car Seat.”

Cleaners said their service was good for the environment, and it was important to educate people about the potential impacts of cleaning up the world’s largest vehicle fleet.

“There’s not a lot you can do with the car seat itself, it’s a vehicle, it has so many things in it,” Mr Wootton said.

He said the cleaner shrimp cleaning service was not an alternative to a car wash.

“It’s not really about replacing the car,” he said.

“It’s about cleaning up this area that’s been left behind.”

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