The perfect place for your new car to be cleansed and tested

A new cleaning method has been developed by a Delhi-based engineering firm, which promises to make your car cleaner and healthier for longer than any other cleaning technology.

The EZClean Cleaning Machine, which uses an automated, patented technology, is available for purchase in Delhi for Rs 1,400.

EzClean is an affordable machine that can clean up your vehicle for free, and is also designed to be installed at home.

In the first stage, it takes about four minutes to clean up a car.

Then, the machine removes dust, dirt, paint and debris and removes debris from under the hood.

It can also be used to clean air and water, and even remove the carbon dioxide gas from the air.

Once the air and exhaust are removed, the air can be drained out and cleaned.

“EZ Cleaning Machines can be used for cleaning all kinds of contaminants, including dust, stains, odors, grease, dust particles, and other debris that accumulates in your car.

They are also able to remove water vapour from the environment, reduce the oil consumption of the vehicle and reduce the number of engine leaks,” said Rakesh Bhardwaj, founder and CEO of the company.

EQS Technologies, a Delhi based engineering company, is the first company to launch the EZClean cleaning technology, which can clean your car for free.

According to EQS, the EzClean machine cleans your car in just one minute and does not require any maintenance.

To make it cheaper and easier, the company has introduced a prepaid service, which will cost Rs 1 per day.

For a monthly service, customers will have to pay a deposit of Rs 1.50 and pay a 15% deposit fee.

Customers will also have to wait for a set period of time before they can begin cleaning, but it will take about 24 hours.

After that, customers can start cleaning once per month, with the daily cleaning cost starting at Rs 1 at a time.

While the company claims that the EzoClean cleaning machine can clean any vehicle from a garage to a house, it also claims that it is able to clean the car from inside a car if you have the right conditions.

There are two models of the EzeClean machine, the Rs 1 model that costs Rs 1 a day and the Rs 15 model which costs Rs 25 a day.

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