When Laminate Floors Cleaner Is Your Best Friend

The laminate floor cleaning process is one of the most basic cleaning techniques.

It takes just a few minutes, and you’ll save a ton of time and money.

If you’ve been avoiding cleaning for a while, now might be the perfect time to try it out.

Here are the basics: What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Laminate Floor Cleaner 1.

A jar of the best-tasting cleaning liquid, such as L’Oreal Lavage (available at your local drugstore).

This is typically a little pricier than your local store, but it will keep your floor smelling fresh for hours after the cleaning process.

You’ll also want to get a couple of big jars, and an old-fashioned broom handle or nail clippers.

(A broom handle can also make the job easier if you’re using a lint-removing attachment.)

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