Gasoline pumps are being injected into the air for the first time ever

Gasoline is being injected by an automated pump into the atmosphere to help boost CO2 emissions from cars.

The technology was developed by a company called Carbon Technology in New York and has been tested in the UK, US and Australia.

The pump is part of a $300m (£217m) programme by US gas station chains to replace some 2.5 million cars each year.

But it’s the first injection system ever used in the US.

“We are a leader in this technology,” said Steve Miskowski, chief executive of Carbon Technology, which is based in Los Angeles.

“This is an important milestone for us and the global community.”

The technology will eventually replace the fuel tank of some cars, reducing their reliance on a petrol pump.

Carbon’s team is building the system at a test site in South Carolina, which has some of the toughest pollution rules in the country.

But Carbon said it was aiming to build the technology to help meet the 2020 global target of reducing CO2 by 80% by 2050.

Carbon says its pump will deliver more CO2 per gallon of gas than a typical petrol pump and that it will work with any engine that can run on petrol.

The company has already tested its technology in a petrol engine, but has yet to build a vehicle that can drive on a diesel engine.

The US government is trying to crack down on emissions by mandating that most vehicles use gas-powered engines.

Carbon Technology says it has tested the technology on more than 200,000 cars, but said it will need at least 200,00 more tests before it is ready to use it in the United States.

Mr Miskowksi said the company was keen to expand its test site to more places around the country, but the US has not been part of the trial yet.

“The US is not the most polluting country in the world but it’s an important part of our business,” he said.

The UK’s biggest car company, National Express, has also started testing its system.

Mr Fergusson said the US was not a good test market for the technology because its rules on diesel engines were more stringent than those in other countries.

“In the UK and other countries, we have to build infrastructure for the industry and that has to be done by companies that have the technology and know what to do,” he added.

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