How to clean a car using the best products at home

In this video, we’ll show you how to use the most popular cleaners on the market to clean your car.

Cleaning a car is no easy task, but with our tips, we can make sure that your car is up to snuff.

1 of 8 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × How to do a car wash in under an hour View Photos We show you the best cleaning products available at home, and explain how to do it in under 20 minutes.

We also show you our top tips on how to make sure your car’s paint is as clean as possible.


Remove all the dirt, grime and dust before beginning to do the cleaning.

If you have a paint chip or any other small debris, you’ll need to remove it.

If it’s on the car, just remove the chip and wash the car thoroughly.

If there’s no dust on the paint, you can still get the chips off with a wet rag.

You can use a paint brush or even your finger to gently brush the dust off, but the cleaner won’t hurt anything.

Use a damp cloth to scrub off any remaining dirt and grime.

The cleaner will probably make a mess of your car, so you’ll want to avoid using a paintbrush.

It’s also good to wear gloves when using this method.


Rinse the car with warm water.

Rinze the car twice with the water and wipe down any debris.

Do not use a cloth to rinse off the dirt.

You’ll want your car to be completely dry before continuing.

This will help keep your car from being sticky and dirty.


Clean the interior and outside.

Rinke your car using a clean cloth.

Use the cloth to wipe down the interior, and then the outside.

You want to thoroughly clean the car before you begin the cleaning process.


Clean your seats and door handles.

If your car has a seat or door handles, you might want to use a soft, damp cloth.

You don’t want to scratch the vinyl, so be sure to brush them with the damp cloth as well.


Rin it all down.

Place the cloth in the sink and wash it thoroughly.

Don’t use a brush to do this.

You will need a soft cloth, so make sure to scrub the cloth clean.


Clean any metal parts, including the metal surround, the hinges, the metal trim, the grille, and any other metal pieces.

This is important because the cleaner will be able to get all the debris off your car and leave the metal clean and shiny.


Clean up the air intake, and remove the dust.

If the car has an air intake and you don’t have a good air filter, you may want to look into buying one.


Clean and rinse.

Remove any debris and any dirt from the car.

You should be able with a damp towel to scrub any remaining dust off.

Do this while the cleaner is at it, so that the cleaner doesn’t have to go back and do more than wipe down and rinse the car once or twice.

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