When the carpet cleanser can get expensive—and sometimes not—here’s what to look for in an office carpet cleaning product

The last time we checked in on carpet cleaning, we discovered that the average home owner was paying about $4,500 per year for a vacuum cleaner and about $1,800 for a hand dryer.

But that’s not the only costlier thing about cleaning a carpet: How to choose the right carpet cleaner for your home.

It’s worth it to consider a vacuum cleaning product that’s easy to use, cheap to buy, and provides you with a long-lasting, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Here are five common carpet cleaning products that can cost anywhere from $50 to $1 for a set of cleaning tools.1.

Zerorezz, by Petco, is the best-selling carpet cleaning spray product on Amazon, with over 40 million reviews.

Zeros carpet cleaners come in two flavors, a clear and a gray.

The clear one is cheaper, but can also be difficult to find.

The gray color is harder to find, but the cheaper gray one is more expensive.

The best option is the gray one.

This product is the cheapest to buy on Amazon.2.

Zera-Clean, by Zera Clean, is a spray foam cleaner with about 70,000 reviews on Amazon (the company itself lists over 5,000).

This foam-based cleaner costs about $8 per 10 gallons, and it comes in several colors.

The blue and white versions are the most common, but you can also get the gray version.

This is the easiest product to clean a carpet, and the one we recommend.

It has a nice scent and the gel cleaning pads work great.3.

Zevy, by Scentless, is an old-school foam cleaner that comes in a white bottle and a white dispenser, which you place in the back of the bottle.

You pour out a small amount of the foam and press the dispenser to spray on the carpet.

You can also use it to spray carpet stains.

This foam cleaner works well on carpet stains, as well.4.

Spritz, by Aussie Clean, has about 100,000 on Amazon as of November 2017.

This one is the most expensive to buy and the most complicated product to use.

You have to clean the carpet with the spray, which makes it a little complicated, and then you have to use the dispensers, which are expensive.

A lot of carpet cleaners require a lot of water, and there’s no way around that.5.

K-Clean-Lube, by K-Ace, is made from a mixture of petroleum jelly and petroleum jelly oil.

It costs $20 per quart, and its spray foam cleanser is easy to clean.6.

Zor-Clean by Zora, is slightly more complicated, but it’s still the cheapest option to buy.

It comes in white, yellow, and green versions.7.

Petco-Cleaner, by Petsmart, is easy-to-use.

It can be bought in clear or clear, grey, and gray, or a mix of the two.8.

Petpet, by Vetrolux, is more complicated than the others on this list, but still works well.

It also has a grey version and a yellow version.9.

Tux-Clean Cleaner, is not available at Petsmart and only comes in green, yellow and white options.

It is made with petroleum jelly.10.

Aussie Tote Cleaner by Totes Cleaner and is the cheaper option to use than Zera, Petco or Petco Cleaner.

This comes in yellow, orange, and white flavors.11.

Petpeter, by Spritz and is more difficult to use and costs more.

It only comes with a nozzle and a bottle.12.

Zex-Clean Gel Cleaner is the one with the highest-rated product on our list.

It uses a special foam that comes from a gel made from petroleum jelly to clean your carpet.

This gel cleanser has a little bit of a smell, but this gel is the hardest one to find on Amazon and the only one that costs over $1.

We think the Totes-Clean version works best on stains on carpet.13.

Zermatt Zermadz, by The Home Depot, is one of the most popular carpet cleaning sprays.

This company also sells a vacuum-cleaning spray, called the Zermak.

This spray is a cheaper, more efficient version of the Zera product, which costs about half the price.14.

Zero-Clean Spray, by Zero Energy Clean, comes in clear, gray, and blue options.15.

Kaleo, by the Home Depot has been around for almost a decade, and is one that is popular among the millennial generation.

It does come in green and blue varieties, but these are expensive to purchase and come with a lot more water.16. Zoya

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