When it comes to carp, carp don’t get cleaner

The word ‘clean’ has become synonymous with carp, but it’s not always the case.

When it came to carp in Australia, we were pretty good.

We were even able to keep up with the craze for carp food and, crucially, the carp industry was able to survive and thrive.

But there was a lot more to carp than carp food.

Today, the industry is struggling, with the industry in the north of the country experiencing its worst downturn in almost a century.

I think it’s because of a lack of carp and the lack of supply.

The industry has not had the ability to make carp the keystone of the supply chain in the south of the continent, as we see with some carp being imported from the south.

There’s also the lack in the supply of carp to markets in the Northern Territory and South Australia, where the carp trade is largely concentrated.

In many ways, the fish that we eat are being traded in a similar way to the food we consume.

In Australia, there’s a trade in the trade in carp that is so big and so profitable, and there’s so much that goes into that trade, that it’s almost impossible to get it to a market, and then it’s sold for a profit, it’s turned into carp food, and the carp is sold on to a consumer market.

And then, we export it to China and then to Europe, where we’re going to get a good price for it.

We can’t get the carp food to markets, and that’s because we have to import carp from overseas.

In the Northern and Southern territories, carp is a keystone in the fish market.

But in the North, we are going to see the biggest decline in carp stock.

In the Northern territories, the number of carp stocks has been falling by one third since 2000, while the number in the Southern territories has fallen by one quarter.

The biggest decline we’re seeing in the NT is in the South and the ACT, where there’s been a drop of 70 per cent.

The number of fish stocks in the ACT has fallen from approximately 1,500 in 2006 to around 450 today.

There are now only around 500 carp stocks left in the entire NT, and it’s all gone.

The main reasons for this decline in stocks are two-fold.

One, the fishing industry has lost so much of its business.

In 2008, there were around 40 per cent of the fishing fleets operating in the NSW and the Northern Rivers, but in 2011 that figure had fallen to just 20 per cent, and in the past five years that has dropped to 12 per cent in the region.

Secondly, there is a lack in carp.

The carp trade in Australia is incredibly profitable, but there’s no market for carp, so there’s very little carp in the market, which means that the carp are sold to other people.

The catch in the markets, the people who fish them, have been sold off to the highest bidder.

Now the carp can be sold for $1.75 a pound, but that’s a very low price, compared to other fish that are sold at higher prices, such as squid and carp head, which is around $10 a pound.

So there’s going to be a huge amount of people who will buy carp for a lot less than what they’re actually worth.

The trade has also collapsed in Australia’s fishing regions, which have been devastated by climate change, particularly in the Mackay region of the NT.

Fisheries Minister Tim Watts says the government will now invest $50 million into the Northern NT Fisheries and Aquaculture Centre, a $50,000 investment in the local fish industry, and $100,000 in the fishing community itself, and is working with the NT Fish and Wildlife Conservation Board to ensure a long-term plan to keep the fishery sustainable.

What we have in the regional NT is a situation where the fish are being exported to Europe and then exported to China, which then goes to the markets in Europe.

And, of course, carp in China are now being sold in Australia as food, which, as I say, is the biggest reason why we’re at a loss as a species.

Cats are a very important part of the carp economy, and a key part of it is the carp in our food.

There is still a lot of carp in South Australia that is being exported for food.

But the trade is collapsing.

I think that’s something that’s very important to understand, is that the trade that we are importing from Asia into Australia is not in a way that we’re exporting carp.

That’s the opposite of what we’re doing.

It’s in a much more efficient way, in that we actually import carp and turn it into carp feed and feed it to people, but the trade for that carp is in Asia.

There is a very significant amount of carp that we don’t eat.

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