Why a vacuum cleaner can be a lifesaver

CVS is recalling all of its carpet cleaners because some of them may be contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

The company says the contaminated products can be toxic to people who have lung or heart conditions, and they can cause irritation or respiratory problems.

It’s not clear how many of the products have been used by customers.CVS says it has no way of knowing if the contaminated items have been misused or if they have been sold.

It says people should dispose of any contaminated products at home.

The recall includes some of the brand name and brand name versions of the vacuum cleaner.

Cars in your area should be tested for gas emissions and the presence of the gas, the company says.

Anyone who uses a vacuum cleaning product in the home should be aware that the product may be harmful to themselves or others.

Anyone who has concerns about their pet or other pets should call their veterinarian or health care provider.

Chesapeake Energy says its gas service is being suspended.

Consumers should call 1-800-928-3400 to check if their service has been suspended.

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