Why the lawsuit against Nike over the company’s “Cleanse” shoes is bogus

Fox Sports has obtained a lawsuit filed by a man who claims Nike created his defective shoe by replacing his old pair of cleanse shoes with Nike-branded shoes that cost more than he paid for them.

Nike said in a statement to Fox Sports that it had “no comment.”

The man named in the lawsuit filed on Thursday claims he bought a pair of Nike Cleanse shoes for $300 in 2012.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Northern District of California, alleges that Nike told him that he would have to pay $100 for the shoes and that if he didn’t, Nike would replace the shoes with its own shoes.

He also says Nike refused to replace his shoes for at least 18 months after he told Nike that he needed the shoes.

The suit claims that when the pair of shoes he bought were returned to Nike, Nike allegedly changed the name on the shoes from Cleanse to “Pepsi” to make it look like they were Nike products.

It also claims that Nike made a $3,000 profit from selling the shoes, according to the lawsuit.

In a statement, Nike said: We take these claims seriously and are committed to vigorously defending our rights and protecting the rights of all customers.

We will vigorously defend this lawsuit and all of its claims.

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