How to stop clogging up your dentist’s office

Posted November 14, 2018 08:27:49 A simple cleaning with a toothbrush and a few dental products could keep you from getting stuck in the dentist’s chair, a new study suggests.

Key points:Dentists across Australia are recommending cleaner and more efficient ways to clean your teethThe research, conducted by dental clinic The Royal Melbourne Hospital, says you could prevent clogging the dentist chair by using the following methodsWhat’s in your dental health guide?

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The research was conducted by Dr Jules Nettles, an Associate Professor at the Royal Melbourne, and Dr J.T. Brown, an Assistant Professor at RMHC’s Department of Dental Medicine.

“Clogging the dental chair can be a real inconvenience for people who use a dentist’s desk for daily tasks such as brushing their teeth or keeping up with their medication,” Dr Nettls said.

“However, it can also be an issue when people have a complex medical history and need to access the dentist.”

Dr Nettels said if a person has a history of dental problems, he or she could consider brushing their tooth.

“The study found that people with a history were more likely to experience tooth irritation and tooth clogging,” Dr Brown said.

The researchers found people with less complex medical histories were less likely to be irritated by brushing their dentists tooth.

People with a more complex medical diagnosis, such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, were more than three times more likely than people with no history of tooth irritation to experience dental problems.

“Our study is based on the assumption that most people with dental problems have some form of dental problem,” Dr Saini said.

Dr Nottles said the most important thing to consider when using a tooth brush is to use it as frequently as possible.

“If your teeth need to be cleaned regularly, and you are not able to regularly brush your teeth with a dental appliance, this could result in clogging and ultimately requiring additional dental work,” he said.

There are many different ways to help keep your dentist happy and to reduce the chances of clogging your dentist chair.

Dr Brown said one of the best ways to prevent clogged teeth is to try using different products.

“Some people may want to use a lot of products in a single brush, but we found that a lot more people prefer using different product in different ways,” Dr C.T., said.

He said people with different types of dental issues could be more likely, for example, to be unable to brush their teeth properly, because of the way they were dressed.

“One study found people who were overweight were more susceptible to dental issues than those who were normal weight,” Dr J., said, adding the research was observational and there was no evidence that the products used were effective.

“What we found is that people who are overweight or obese have higher rates of clogged or irritated teeth,” Dr. Brown said, noting people with diabetes, cancer and heart disease had the highest rate of clogs.

The study was funded by the Australian Dental Council and the Royal Australasian College of Dentists.

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