Puducherry: A new way to get rid of your shoes

Cleaning your shoes is a great way to reduce the risk of disease, and to cleanse your feet, so why shouldn’t you do it yourself?

And you can do it on your own or with help from a professional.

But why would you want to do it?

The question is a good one, because we have all seen the stories of people who simply can’t get over the pain of a broken or dirty shoe.

And for the most part, the solution to this is simple: get rid.

We’re talking about the old-fashioned method of using your feet to clean your home, the ones that you’re told are a way to clean the dirt and grime out of your home.

That means you’re washing your shoes, wiping them with soap and water, and then you put them in the dryer.

But there are other, more modern, ways to get those same results.

Here are five of the most popular and effective ways to remove shoes.

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