New bleach cleaner retainer cleans up bleach stains

Cleaning up stains with bleach cleaner is the latest trend for men in India.

In the past, people used to wash the bleach residue with water.

But in the past few years, the use of bleach cleaner has been growing in India, according to a report in Times of India. 

The article says that the company Bheelala is using an enzyme called BHEALAX to purify the water used for washing the bleach. 

In this process, the enzyme converts the salt water in the water to pure sodium chloride, which then passes through the enzymatic process to be purified. 

BHEALACX is not only a chemical compound that has been used to clean up bleach, but it has also been used in a range of other products, like nail polish remover, hair removal, and disinfectants. 

India has a shortage of cleaning agents, including chlorine, which is used to purifies water for irrigation. 

However, many of these chemicals are still being produced in India in factories and other facilities. 

While India is not the only country where this is happening, it is the first time the use is being done in a commercial setting. 

Source: Times of Indian, New Delhi, India [Photo: Bharat A. Bhargava/Flickr ]

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