The new IGN editor will finally have a ‘real’ name and look

IGN is planning to bring back its old IGN Editor with a new name and new look. 

The move comes in the wake of a recent kerfuffle surrounding the IGN ProLeague, a monthly tournament where some pro gamers are competing in league after league against each other. 

After months of controversy, IGN announced that the IGN editor would be renamed as the “IGN ProLeague Editor” in early February and a new logo was unveiled on Twitter. 

As part of the new editor, IGN will have a more formal website and will be more focused on providing coverage of professional eSports.

The new IGN Editor will also have a “real” name and will look similar to its current title.

The IGN Proleague Editor, a former IGN Pro League Editor, will be renamed to the “ProLeague Editor.”

IGN will also bring back the IGN Live, a Twitch stream that broadcasts professional matches in the Twitch chat.

Despite the new name, the editor will not be able to interact with the live broadcast.

The IGN Editor is a team of professional commentators and hosts that covers eSports from a pro player’s perspective.

With its current format, the IGN Editor has an extensive team of pros and a few commentators.

However, a recent controversy surrounding the “League of Legends” professional gaming league, “League Pro League” led to the removal of the team’s name from its Twitter account.

In response to the controversy, the league’s team announced on Twitter that the team would no longer be using the name.

“We have taken this decision because we felt that the name was not appropriate for our name and team, and was too confusing,” the team said.

“We also felt that it was unfair to the League of Legends community for the team to have to change their name.”

The announcement led to a number of pro gamers tweeting their displeasure with the move.

A statement from IGN on the subject was swift:The IGN editor’s new name is a tribute to our long-time gaming community, including our long history of hosting esports and the passion we bring to our commentary.

It’s a reminder that IGN’s mission is to bring you the best esports content, from the very best players to the very worst.

We look forward to seeing you on the IGN platform as soon as possible!

The IGN Live stream will remain available.

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