When the NFL needs to fix your ears, the NFL has the right answer

A fan is asking his or her team to make sure their players wear ear cleaning cameras.

The fan, who requested anonymity because he or she was not authorized to speak publicly, sent a letter to the NFL saying he or her was unhappy with the team’s response to a fan who reported a player who had worn a cleaning kit while cleaning his ears in the locker room.

The fan said he or he thought the fan was a fan and asked that the NFL allow the fan to wear the cleaning kit on game days.

A spokesman for the NFL said the league would consider the fan’s request.

The spokesman said the NFL will evaluate the fan complaint and will take action if necessary.

The NFL said that when it receives an official complaint, the league’s internal affairs office reviews the complaint and makes its findings public.

The league’s head of communications, Joe Lockhart, said Thursday that the league has a policy that prohibits players from cleaning their ears when they are out on the field.

But the spokesman said that in this case, the cleaning is only done when the player is wearing a cleaning device.

“The policy applies when the equipment is worn, not when the device is worn,” Lockhart said.

“In this case the cleaning was done by a player wearing a device, but it’s not clear to us whether he was wearing a clean device when he was in the shower or when he did it himself.”

We’re going to be in touch with the fan and see if we can work something out.

“The league has had a policy for years against players cleaning their ear drums when they go on the practice field.

The policy states players are prohibited from cleaning ear drums while they are on the playing field, on the sidelines, or on the sideline during practice.

The policy also says players are not allowed to remove ear cleaning devices from the player’s equipment while playing the game, and that players are allowed to put ear cleaning products in their mouth or on their body.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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