Woman dies after getting stuck in toilet in car

A woman who died after getting trapped in a toilet seat in a car in South Australia’s Pilbara state has been identified by her family.

The woman was found by a passer-by about 10:00pm on Saturday.

She was in a vehicle parked in a road in the township of Chisholm in Chisho.

“She got into the toilet seat and it was stuck.

There was a lot of water in there,” Ms Meyers’ daughter, Megan Meyers, told the ABC.

“When I saw her I just started screaming.”

She said the woman was “absolutely terrified”.

“I was screaming and crying, saying, ‘Don’t do this.

Don’t do that.

Get help, get help, it’s terrible’,” Ms Meys said.

A spokesperson for South Australia Police said they were unable to confirm if the woman had died or if the toilet had been replaced. “

It was terrible, it was very terrible.”

A spokesperson for South Australia Police said they were unable to confirm if the woman had died or if the toilet had been replaced.

Police said in a statement they were “aware of a similar incident” on Wednesday.

“The deceased was in the toilet in a nearby vehicle, which was not occupied, and the toilet did not have a replacement seat,” the statement said.

“Police are currently investigating this incident and are working closely with the Chishowen Fire and Rescue Service.”

Mr Meyers said the driver of the vehicle told the family he had been driving to work when he heard the woman screaming.

He said the car’s odometer showed the woman’s car had been parked for almost three hours, and he had not been able to find her for a number of days.

The family has asked for privacy during this difficult time, he said.

The driver of a car that was parked for three days in the Chasho community has now been identified as the man who was involved in the incident.

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