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Why the government should ban electric power to toilets and flushing toilets

The government of Uttar Pradesh has ordered the sale of all toilet paper and flushes for use in public toilets.According to a notification issued by the Uttar Pradesh government, all toilet-paper, toilet paper bags, flushing and paper towels will be banned for use as waste in public toilet.“Flushing and toilet paper will be made available […]

Copper cleaner sold at Costco: Canada’s largest maker of home cleaning products gets $5.5M boost from the government

By MARTIN SMITH Canada’s biggest maker of copper cleaner has been approved to sell at Costco in the United States, the largest buyer of home cleaner products in the world.Costco Canada has also agreed to buy more than $4.5 million worth of other items from the company, including furniture, appliances and clothing.The Canadian company is […]

Easy way to clean your kitchen floors with a small broom and a pair of scissors

By clicking ‘next’, you will be redirected to the Amazon review page for this product.Continue reading to find out more about self cleaning ovens.Self cleaning oven cleaners are a great way to keep your kitchen floor cleaner for long periods of time, whether it’s when you’re cooking or washing your dishes.The best self cleaning products […]

How to Make a Better, More Cleaner Water Filtration System with an Easy DIY

article In my last article on the subject, I discussed how to use a vacuum cleaner to make a cleaner that could be used to clean up old clothing and bedding, or any other objects in your home that may be contaminated with dust, dirt, or bacteria. This is a great way to make sure you […]

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