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Why the world has been left in the lurch

Recode has learned that Google, the company that owns the video-sharing website YouTube, has been accused of secretly censoring content and censoring political topics on the website.Recode learned that the company has been censoring certain political topics, including the controversial #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and the #BlackMen3 movement, in an effort to push advertisers to change their […]

How to clean your bedside table with an electric brush

The air in your room is a delicate, delicate thing, and every time you move or take a breath, there’s a chance you could damage the delicate structure of your mattress.But there’s also the chance that your mattress could be making you sick, and if that happens, you need to do something about it right […]

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer GE makes $4.8 billion in profit in third quarter

GE announced Thursday that its third-quarter earnings beat Wall Street expectations by a wide margin, after beating analysts expectations and reporting a profit of $4 billion.GE is also the first company in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average to make a profit this year.The company said that it earned $4,937 per share on […]

‘Cleaner is like a real machine’: Car steam cleaner uses AI to make it cleaner

Car steam cleaners are becoming increasingly popular, and are proving to be a more cost-effective way to remove pollutants from your home.They also make a great tool for people who want to cut down on their carbon footprint.In this episode, we explore how the car steam cleaning industry has transformed and developed over the past […]

Which is the best tile cleaner for carpets?

Cleaning tile floors can be tough.While there are lots of great cleaning products, there are also a few that you can’t live without.And with the advent of tile floor cleaners like this one, you’ll definitely want to have some left over.The tile cleaning sponge is made from a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and water.The […]

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