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Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning for the Vent Room

Hydrogen peroxides are used to disinfect gas and electrical outlets, and many businesses use them to clean and sterilize surfaces.But the fumes produced by these chemicals can cause breathing problems, and they are not recommended for use on the home.A solution to this problem is to use a product called hydrogen peroxide.The product is made […]

How to choose a carpet cleaning service for your home

How to pick the best carpet cleaning services for your house?If you’ve ever wondered which carpet cleaning is best for your particular needs, then the answers to these questions are very simple.This article covers the basics of carpet cleaning and is intended for those who are new to the subject.For the expert in the know, […]

Gasoline pumps are being injected into the air for the first time ever

Gasoline is being injected by an automated pump into the atmosphere to help boost CO2 emissions from cars.The technology was developed by a company called Carbon Technology in New York and has been tested in the UK, US and Australia.The pump is part of a $300m (£217m) programme by US gas station chains to replace […]

Fuel injector cleaning service to begin at Car Seat Care in Victoria

Fuel injectors are commonly used in car seats, with an average cost of about $5.75 per injector.But some cleaner shrimp companies are taking on the job, offering free service to customers with a car seat.In January, Car Seat Cleaning Services started a pilot program in Melbourne’s south-east.The company is offering free car seat cleaning services […]

A white shoe cleaner with a ‘dirty look’ gets a refund

The White Shoe Cleaners of New Zealand are offering a refund to its customers after receiving a number of complaints from customers after using the cleaner to remove white socks.The company says its new cleaning product is cleaner than the one previously used and has been a “great improvement” over the past few years.The cleaners […]

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