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Copper cleaner sold at Costco: Canada’s largest maker of home cleaning products gets $5.5M boost from the government

By MARTIN SMITH Canada’s biggest maker of copper cleaner has been approved to sell at Costco in the United States, the largest buyer of home cleaner products in the world.Costco Canada has also agreed to buy more than $4.5 million worth of other items from the company, including furniture, appliances and clothing.The Canadian company is […]

Steam cleaner: Walmart and Walmart’s partnership to clean up the water

Steam cleaners, a major brand, are a staple of Walmart stores.But they’re also a hot commodity, and some competitors have been targeting the cleaning business. Walmart has been in talks with a company called Cleaners Direct about buying the entire business.In a press release, Walmart says it will spend $150 million on the cleaning division and […]

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