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Dyson vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaners, and steam vacuums have all become popular among millennials

As the popularity of new appliances grows, so too does the number of people buying them.The Consumer Reports Consumer Satisfaction Index 2017 survey shows that while the average millennial household spends about $10,000 per year on appliances, more than half of millennials (53%) say they’ve bought a vacuum cleaner in the past year.The survey also […]

Walmart carpet cleaner uses an injector cleaning system to clean the floor

Walmart carpet cleaners use a special type of filter called an injectors cleaner to clean their floors.Walmart uses the injectors cleaners for a variety of cleaning jobs, and the injector cleaners are designed to work together to remove dirt and grime from carpet.Walmart carpet cleaners are manufactured by the American carpeting company, Kmart.Walmart also uses […]

When you pay for laundry, you pay more for air quality

What is a dryer vent cleaner?And how does a sewer air quality assessment affect the bill?We spoke with several residents who have complained of high gas and ammonia levels in their homes after their laundry was washed and then reused, or even put in the dryer.“If I’m going to put it in the shower and […]

Gasoline pumps are being injected into the air for the first time ever

Gasoline is being injected by an automated pump into the atmosphere to help boost CO2 emissions from cars.The technology was developed by a company called Carbon Technology in New York and has been tested in the UK, US and Australia.The pump is part of a $300m (£217m) programme by US gas station chains to replace […]

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