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Why you need a car vacuum cleaner with a carburetor cleaning feature

Cleaning out your car is a breeze when you have the right car carburetors.However, many car owners choose to have a car that’s powered by a gas engine, and while this is a great idea, you don’t want to go down that road without a car cleaner.We tested out the Carburetor Cleaning System in the […]

When the NHL wants to give you a free gift, it’s always better than paying to keep you away

By Brian MacLellanThe NHL announced Friday it is expanding its use of ZyroZard carpet cleaning services.The move will be limited to players who participate in the league’s preseason tournament.It is not a big deal for fans but will put pressure on players who are already struggling with the flu.“We are proud to continue Zyrozard’s pioneering […]

When the carpet cleanser can get expensive—and sometimes not—here’s what to look for in an office carpet cleaning product

The last time we checked in on carpet cleaning, we discovered that the average home owner was paying about $4,500 per year for a vacuum cleaner and about $1,800 for a hand dryer.But that’s not the only costlier thing about cleaning a carpet: How to choose the right carpet cleaner for your home.It’s worth it […]

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